At 10 years old during artistic gymnastics classes, Giulia discovered the passion of her life: the dance.
In 2006 charmed from elegant and sexy moving of middle eastern dance, she decided to study belly dance until 2001.
Her interests was in development, she loves to try new things and in 2008 begun with Boogie-Woogie.
During the same lucky year she got in touch with the fantastic Lindy Hop world: she had a spark and that time was true Love!
In 2009 together with Tommaso she took a long route, continuously enriched, to achieve the perfection of this terrific branch.
She attended together with him , many Italian and foreign stages: Grenoble, Barcelona, Montpellier, Ljubljana, Budapest, Stockholm, Herräng (Sweden) and Prague are some of the cities where Tommaso and Giulia studied to improve their technique and to compare their selves with big artists.
In 2010 she won the first place at Jack n’ Jill of Swing Brother Swing.

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