Dom & Nora tried a lot of dances and sports since they could walk – when finally Lindy Hop found them.
As for both of them movement, improvisation, fun and challenges are very important, there was no stop anymore and the dance took over their daily life.

Today they are passionate Lindy Hop dancers, instructors and performers. They continuously travel to teach and to dance around Europe.
They competed at the European Swing Dance Championships in 2013, at the International Lindy Hop Championships in 2016 & 2017, and are regularly in Finals of Strictly Lindy Hop competitions at international swing dance festivals.
In 2014 they founded their own swing dance school in Vienna, Austria (

Since then they share their love for Lindy Hop and Swing in Austria and in Europe.
They love Swing Outs, fast Swing Outs! As they dance together already for several years, they know a lot about strong partnership and having a good connection to your partner.
They love to dance dynamic and keeping the energy and the flow with your partner and the music.
In their classes you can feel their love for the dance. The classes are filled with energy and fun, the students love their cheerfulness, technical approach and enthusiasm.