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Lindy Hop in Florence:
dance classes and Swing events

In Florence and Empoli

Lindy Hop in Florence was born in 2010 with the aim of sharing the beauty and the energy of Lindy hop dance and Swing music, keeping them in their most pure and genuine form to stay close to the original dance technique. Our project is to create not only a dance school but to promote and share our passion with as many people as possible through events and activities. Our values are learning , sharing and socializing in a new and different way through Swing dancing.

Where we are
lindyhop firenze scuola ballo

Dance courses and Swing events in Florence and Empoli.

lindyhop empoli scuola ballo

Lindy Hop dance school

Our school offers Swing courses in Florence. Lindy Hop, Charleston & Authentic Jazz. Workshops, group and individual lessons for adults, teens and children with national and international teachers for all levels, events with live music, big bands and deejays with vintage vinyls, numerous initiatives in Florence and Tuscany.


Lindy hop in Florence staff

Our dance school employs highly qualified personnel with advanced experience at your complete disposal.


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Lindy hop in Florence

Lindy Hop in Florence

  • Locations in Florence:
    Centro Arte Danza, Firenze
    Address: Via Guglielmo Marconi 88 stadium area
    Firenze Marathon Wellness
    Address: Viale Malta 10 in the Stadium area
    Circolo Ricreativo Culturale Vie Nuove, Firenze
    Address: Viale Donato Giannotti, 13 Gavinana area
  • Locations in Empoli:
    Circolo Arci Pozzale, Empoli
    Address: Via Sottopoggio for S. Donato, 23 Pozzale area
  • Email:
CALL US: Mobile Course info: +39 333 296 0393 Mobile Event info: +39 338 104 5326
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