She approaches the world of dance from the age of 9, when she starts studying modern dance,

at the Giselle dance school, ending up performing on the stage of the Petruzzelli theater in Bari. Always passionate about sports, she attended courses in fit-boxes and yoga.

She moved to Florence for work, where she approaches the theater, but love at first sight comes in 2014 when she knows the world of swing dances. 

She starts studying Lindy Hop at the Lindy Hop in Florence school with which she has the opportunity to space also towards Solo Jazz and Charleston.

Here, also, she has the opportunity to take lessons from the most important international Lindy Hop dancers: Vincenzo Fesi, Ksenia Parkhatskaya, Daniil Nikulin, Tony Jackson, Dominik Knoll e Nora Locher.

Also fascinated by the music and fashion of the Swing era, she participates in numerous Workshops and Swing Festivals around Europe, where vintage style enthusiasts from all over the world meet. Let's talk about the Lindy Shock in Budapest, the Savoy Cup in Montpelier and the Ljubljana SweetSwing, where she deepens the study of Lindy Hop with the most important dancers and teachers on the international scene: Peter Loggins, Katja Završnik, Moe Sakan, Hector Artal, Sonia Ortega, Felix Berghäll, Mikaela Hellsten, Remy Kouakou Kouame.